Tuition Payment Schedule

National Team

December: $383

January: $383 

February: $384

March: $317

April: $317

May: $316

Regional Team

December: $383

January: $383

February: $384

Regional Teams
Regional teams will play all regular season tournaments at the Westwood Sports Center and will be registered through the Iowa Region. These teams will have a maximum of ten athletes. Teams will practice two times per week if they do not compete in a tournament that weekend.  (Typically one practice during the week and one on Sunday afternoon)  All regional teams will be entered in the Digging in the Dells Tournament and some in the Iowa Regional Championships in Des Moines, Iowa for the end of the season tournament.  All athletes will be required to attend this tournament.  This is the end of season two day tournament that both parents and athletes look forward to and enjoy very much.  It is not fair to the team if at the last minute one or two members back out and affect the competitiveness of the team.  These teams typically will compete in the Silver Division at the Regional Championships.  The dates for these tournaments are listed on the Tournament Schedule page.  Check these dates for conflict and communicate potential issues as soon as possible to Jim Pierce.

Regional Program fees: $1,150

National Teams
National level teams will register though the Iowa Region. They will play in some Westwood tournaments and will also travel to Great Lakes Region regular season tournaments.  They will compete in the Great Lakes Power League, and play in the Dells tournament. They will then travel and compete in the AAU National tournament in Florida.  National teams will practice a minimum of three times per week.  To be considered for these teams you must check the appropriate box on the Try-Out Commitment Sheet.  These teams will have a maximum of 10 athletes per team.

National Program fees: $2,100

*This fee includes practice fees, extra tournament fees, additional jersey, travel expenses for coaches, and cost associated with power league. 


Tuition Fees Information

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* Payment plans can be arranged if communicated ahead of time.  Options are always available for different payment plans to suit your needs. 

*Payments need to be made the first of each payment month.  If payment is not made within 7 days of missed payment credit card on file will be charged payment amount, plus an additional credit card transaction fee.