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Changes to tonight's practice (4-5-18) are as follows: 16N and 18N are cancelled, 15 Blue and Silver as well as 16 Silver will be practicing at 8PM at Challand Middle School.  14 Silver contact coach Kelsey for additional information on your practice.  

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 NLV   No Limits Volleyball Club

Kaitlynn Pfeiffer 

Age: 15 

School: Dixon High School  

How many years have you been in NLV?

"2 seasons."

Who is your volleyball inspiration?

"My parents."

What is your favorite NLV memory?

"Going to the Dells."

What do you want to be when you grow up?

" I want to be a Doctor."

What is your favorite food?

" Hash Brown Casserole." 


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Why Choose Us?

No Limits Volleyball Club is focused on developing young athletes to be the best volleyball players they can be! As well as teaching them things like teamwork, dedication, communication, sportsmanship and of course to have FUN!

All of our coaches are Impact Certified and are completely dedicated to developing young athletes. We like to brag that we have the best volleyball coaches in the area!

Our philosophy at NLV is that we are developing athletes to be able to return to their school teams and have success, therefore we more than welcome the multisport athlete and work extra hard to be flexible because, of course, school comes first.

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