With the weather conditions being forecast for this Sunday. We have decided to cancel our scrimmage for this Sunday(Feb 7th). The very last thing we want is any NLV members potentially being stranded because of winter road conditions in the -20 degree conditions being forecasted. Everyone stay safe and warm.

2020 Labor Day covid-19 blind draw 18u scrimmage

Congratulations to our 18 National team for placing 3rd at the 2018 AAU National Championships! 

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Step 1 of the registration process is here!!!
-Click the following button and follow the steps to register your athlete to NLV through Sports Engine!
-Once you have registered your athlete I will send out a link for step 2 of the process that will allow you to register your athlete to USA Volleyball through the Iowa Region.
-This is a new process, and with anything new there are always bumps in the road, so please reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.

STEP 2 of the registration process is here!!
We are now good to start registering through the Iowa Region! Below is a link that will take you to the Iowa Region website. From there you will need to click the button that is relevant to your athlete. For example, if they are a 13u player they will click the button that says "11u-17u full memberships" under the junior membership column. This pertains to their age, NOT for the team they are on, as I know many kids play up levels. 18u full memberships has its own button due to any 18U athlete (age, not team) needing to take safe sport this year. Once you click the link it will automatically link to your Sports Engine account that you created in step one.

Let us know if you have any questions!

**Be sure to keep checking the website for practice updates!

**September and October scrimmage schedule is posted under tournament schedule/ regional schedule!

No Limits Volleyball Club is focused on developing young athletes to be the best volleyball players they can be! As well as teaching them things like teamwork, dedication, communication, sportsmanship and of course to have FUN!

All of our coaches are Impact Certified and are completely dedicated to developing young athletes. We like to brag that we have the best volleyball coaches in the area!

Our philosophy at NLV is that we are developing athletes to be able to return to their school teams and have success, therefore we more than welcome the multi-sport athlete and work extra hard to be flexible because, of course, school comes first.

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