NLV   No Limits Volleyball Club


Regional level teams will practice once a week if they play on Sunday and twice a week if not playing on Sunday.

National level teams will practice three times a week.

Our NLV Family

We brag that we have the best volleyball coaches in the area!

Our coaches are committed to developing your athlete to be the best possible volleyball player they can be.

 Here are some of our experienced and noteworthy coaches:

Kels​ey Thurman:  Club Director, Head Coach at Eastland High School

Karissa Olson: Tournament Director, Assistant coach at Eastland High School

Jim Pierce: Assistant coach at Eastland High School 

Dale Dykeman: Head Coach at Sterling High School

Ashley Dunlap: Head Coach at Amboy High School 

Sheila Pillars: Head Coach at Rock Falls High School 

Chelsey Ferguson: Assistant coach at Eastland High School

And many more!




Team Levels
Regional Level Teams:

Will register in the Iowa Region. These teams will compete at the Westwood tournaments and travel to Wisconsin Dells for the Diggin' In the Dells Tournament.  

National Level Teams:

Will register in the Iowa Region. These teams will compete in the Westwood tournaments, a power league, Diggin' in the Dells, and the AAU National Tournament in Florida

We’re committed to making every one of our athletes the best volleyball player they can be!

No Limits Volleyball is a member of the Iowa Region of the USA Volleyball Association. We have both national level teams and regional level teams. Our wide range of ability level teams allows for every athlete to find a team that is perfect for them. USA Volleyball age divisions range from 10 and under to 18 and under.

The season is from December to April.

Committed to your athlete's Success!